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Why Do Instructors Continue to Choose Bovée and Thill Textbooks: Because They're The Best Business Communication Textbooks on the Market

1. Three decades of market-leading innovation, with unique content, pedagogy, and instructor support resources.

2. Practical advice informed by deep, hands-on experience in all forms of modern business media

3. Engaging coverage of real companies and contemporary issues in business communication

4. Up-to-date coverage that reflects today’s business communication practices and employer expectations

5. Integrated learning that seamlessly combines print and digital features

6. Extensive added value with unique, free resources for instructors and students

Three Decades of Innovation, Helping Instructors Prepare Students for the Evolving Challenges of the Contemporary Workplace

The history of business communication over the past couple of decades has been one of almost constant change. The first major wave was the digital revolution, replacing much of the print communication of the past with email, instant messaging, web content, and other new forms. Then came social media, which fundamentally redefined the relationship between business and their stakeholders. And now comes the third wave, and it's proving to be every bit as disruptive–and full of exciting possibilities–as the first two.

Mobile communication, and mobile connectivity in the larger sense, is changing the way business communicators plan, create, and distribute messages. Mobile devices are overtaking PCs as the primary digital communication tool for millions of consumers, employees, and executives; business that don't get mobile friendly in a hurry will fall behind.

The fundamental skills of writing, listening, presenting, and so on will always be essential, of course, but those skills must be executed in a contemporary business context. That's why Bovee and Thill textbooks carefully blend technology awareness and skills with basic communication skills and practices. Discover for yourself why Bovee and Thill textbooks are considered the best business communication textbooks on the market.