Best Business Communication Textbooks describes the world-class business communication and business writing textbooks that are the recognized leaders in the field.

Bovée & Thill’s Business Communication Textbooks — Three Decades of Market-Leading Innovation

For more than 30 years, Bovée & Thill have consistently led the way with every major revolution in busines communication, starting with the shift from print to digital, followed by the growth of social media, the rise of mobile communication, and now the emergency of artificial inteligence and intelligent technologies.

Much of this coverage has necessarily focused on technology, but Bovée & Thill take the wide view of how employer expectations and contemporary practices continue to evolve. This embraces developments ranging from ethics and etiquette to the shift toward a more caual tone in workplace writing.

Here are numerous examples of how Bovée & Thill prepare your students for the expectations of of the contemporary workplace.

You'll also discover that Bovée and Thill teach students effectively by using a time-tested approach with a practical skills focus. And, you'll learn about an unmatched array of instructional support resources.

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Business Communication Textbooks: Finding the Right Fit for Your Course

As the only business communication series with three distinct textbooks, the Bovée-Thill series offers you more choices for a better fit with your unique needs—whether you focus on writing fundamentals, interpersonal communication, or contemporary media skills.


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Watch Now: The Best Business Communication Textbooks Revealed

Only the Best Business Communication Textbooks Include a Mobile Communication Component

Are the authors of the business communication textbook you've adopted still pretending mobile communication doesn't exist?

Be Sure Your Textbook Has Full Coverage of Mobile Business Communication by 2016

In teaching business communication, for an abundance of useful teaching materials for your business communication course, we suggest you visit these websites: Google+, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This sites will provide great assistance in teaching business communication.

Visit this page to order an examination copy of a Bovee & Thill textbook.

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Bovee and Thill: Authors of the Best Business Communication Textbooks on the Market

Bovee and Thill have led the business communication field for more than 30 years with innovative, high-quality textbooks that have consistently been on the leading edge. They were the first to

Textbook Support                                        

  • cover digital media
  • cover social media
  • cover mobile business communication
  • cover intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence
  • cover essential communication technologies as they went mainstream in the business world, such as email, blogs, microblogs (Twitter), data visualization, e-portfolios, infographics, text messaging, and virtual meetings
  • cover business etiquette
  • cover communication in a diverse world and recognize the importance of diversity in photographs and exhibits
  • cover developing presentations in a social media environment
  • cover enhancing presentations with slides
  • discuss and show pictures of real companies and to include a Company Index
  • write chapter-opening vignettes to help students see how real professionals use chapter concepts and skills
  • write about real companies in exercises and cases
  • include cases that involve the full range of contemporary business media, from blog posts to text messaging
  • cover digital video as a major business communication medium
  • create the name and concept for "Letters for Analysis"
  • create the name and concept for "Document Makeovers"
  • create the name and concept for “On the Job” business communication simulations
  • receive an Award for Excellence from the Textbook Authors Association for a business communication textbook

Instructor Support and Interaction

  • become active and widely known users of emerging digital media, developing hands-on experience that is reflected in their textbook content
  • have a business communication blog
  • offer a business communication news service, Business Communication Headline News, for adopters and their students
  • provide Real-Time Updates, a web-based service featuring the latest articles, videos, PowerPoints, infographics, websites, and podcasts to adopters and their students, categorized by the chapters in Bovee & Thill's textbooks
  • offer online magazines, 10 in all, each one dedicated to an important business communication topic along with a weekly newsletter of the most popular articles
  • offer a Business Communication Pictorial Gallery on Pinterest
  • have a business communication channel on YouTube
  • have a Teaching Business Communication group on LinkedIn and on Facebook (with a combined membership of over 4,300 instructors)
  • be on Twitter as business communication authors
  • offer dozens of business communication slide programs that they've created (available on SlideShare)
  • to email a video newsletter several times each semester
  • have a website that focuses on instruction, “Teaching Business Communication”
  • have been recognized for their contributions to the field by the Governor of Massachusetts and the Boston Red Sox.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Bovee and Thill should be proud, because they’re the most imitated authors in the field. Their texts set the standard by which other textbooks in the field are judged, which is why their texts are the best business communication textbooks available today.

Bovee and Thill have the most extensive collection of free resources for instructors and students in the history of business communication publishing. Here is the full list.

Bovee and Thill texts are also frequently used by instructors for management communication instruction, organizational communication instruction, managerial communication instruction, and corporate communication instruction. Course titles include Management Communication, Organizational Communication, Managerial Communication, and Corporate Communication.

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Discover the Best Business Communication Textbooks on the Market

Why Do Instructors Continue to Choose Bovée and Thill Textbooks: Because They're The Best Business Communication Textbooks on the Market

1. Three decades of market-leading innovation, with unique content, pedagogy, and instructor support resources.

2. Practical advice informed by deep, hands-on experience in all forms of modern business media

3. Engaging coverage of real companies and contemporary issues in business communication

4. Up-to-date coverage that reflects today’s business communication practices and employer expectations

5. Integrated learning that seamlessly combines print and digital features

6. Extensive added value with unique, free resources for instructors and students

Three Decades of Innovation, Helping Instructors Prepare Students for the Evolving Challenges of the Contemporary Workplace

The history of business communication over the past couple of decades has been one of almost constant change. The first major wave was the digital revolution, replacing much of the print communication of the past with email, instant messaging, web content, and other new forms. Then came social media, which fundamentally redefined the relationship between business and their stakeholders. And now comes the third wave, and it's proving to be every bit as disruptive–and full of exciting possibilities–as the first two.

Mobile communication, and mobile connectivity in the larger sense, is changing the way business communicators plan, create, and distribute messages. Mobile devices are overtaking PCs as the primary digital communication tool for millions of consumers, employees, and executives; business that don't get mobile friendly in a hurry will fall behind.

The fundamental skills of writing, listening, presenting, and so on will always be essential, of course, but those skills must be executed in a contemporary business context. That's why Bovee and Thill textbooks carefully blend technology awareness and skills with basic communication skills and practices. Discover for yourself why Bovee and Thill textbooks are considered the best business communication textbooks on the market.

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Business Communication Textbooks Have Wide Gap in Coverage: Which Ones are the Best?

business communication instruction

An analysis of digital, social, and mobile media in business communication textbooks reveals Bovée and Thill’s superb coverage far exceeds the coverage found in competing texts, which in comparison is shockingly incomplete and out of date. Read the full article from ABC 6 News.

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Best Business Communication Textbooks

As you consider the best business communication textbooks, keep in mind he Importance of mobile communication coverage in the textbook you select.

Whether it’s emailing, social networking, watching video, or doing research, the percentage of communication and media consumption performed on mobile devices continues to grow. For millions of people around the world, a mobile device is their primary way, if not their only way, to access the Internet. Globally, roughly 80 percent of Internet users access the web at least some of the time with a mobile device.

Mobile has become the primary communication tool for many business professionals, including a majority of executives under age 40. Email and web browsing rank first and second.

In terms of the most common non-voice uses of smartphones, more email messages are now opened on mobile devices than on PCs. Roughly half of U.S. consumers use a mobile device exclusively for their online search needs, and many online activities that eventually migrate to a PC screen start out on a mobile screen. For many people, the fact that a smartphone can make phone calls is practically a secondary consideration; data traffic from mobile devices far outstrips voice traffic.

Be Sure Your Textbook Has Full Coverage of Mobile Business Communication by 2015-2016

Looking for useful teaching materials for your course in business communication? We suggest you check out these websites: Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Visit this page to order an examination copy of a Bovee & Thill textbook.

As you select the best business communication textbook for your students, remember that only Bovee and Thill covers mobile communication. All other authors are pretending that mobile doesn't exist.

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Business Communication Texts Show Surprising Differences

business communication instruction

A new video shows the surprising differences among textbooks authored by Courtland Bovee and John Thill, and their competitors. For example, only Bovee and Thill offer groundbreaking coverage of mobile communication. This is critical because students live in a mobile world–and they’re about to enter a workplace where mobile has gone mainstream–so any business communication course that aims to stay relevant must incorporate mobile.

Bovee and Thill also prepare students with the knowledge and skills they will be expected to have when they enter tomorrow’s workplace. The authors write the only texts that explain the new social communication model that is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate.

Courtland Bovee says, “We offer a clear, consistent, and integrated approach to teaching writing using the three­-step process.” The three-­step process is uniformly applied throughout each book and is adapted to each message form. Read the full article from NBC Right Now so that you can choose the best business communication textbooks to consider for adoption.

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