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As you consider the best business communication textbooks, keep in mind he Importance of mobile communication coverage in the textbook you select.

Whether it’s emailing, social networking, watching video, or doing research, the percentage of communication and media consumption performed on mobile devices continues to grow. For millions of people around the world, a mobile device is their primary way, if not their only way, to access the Internet. Globally, roughly 80 percent of Internet users access the web at least some of the time with a mobile device.

Mobile has become the primary communication tool for many business professionals, including a majority of executives under age 40. Email and web browsing rank first and second.

In terms of the most common non-voice uses of smartphones, more email messages are now opened on mobile devices than on PCs. Roughly half of U.S. consumers use a mobile device exclusively for their online search needs, and many online activities that eventually migrate to a PC screen start out on a mobile screen. For many people, the fact that a smartphone can make phone calls is practically a secondary consideration; data traffic from mobile devices far outstrips voice traffic.

Be Sure Your Textbook Has Full Coverage of Mobile Business Communication by 2015-2016

Looking for useful teaching materials for your course in business communication? We suggest you check out these websites: Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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As you select the best business communication textbook for your students, remember that only Bovee and Thill covers mobile communication. All other authors are pretending that mobile doesn't exist.

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