Watch Now: The Best Business Communication Textbooks Revealed

Only the Best Business Communication Textbooks Include a Mobile Communication Component

Are the authors of the business communication textbook you've adopted still pretending mobile communication doesn't exist?

Be Sure Your Textbook Has Full Coverage of Mobile Business Communication by 2016

In teaching business communication, for an abundance of useful teaching materials for your business communication course, we suggest you visit these websites: Google+, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This sites will provide great assistance in teaching business communication.

Visit this page to order an examination copy of a Bovee & Thill textbook.

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“I’ve Tried Several Textbooks, and the Experience Revealed the Authors’ Biggest Mistake.”

"I've tried several textbooks, and the experience revealed the authors' biggest mistake. The biggest mistake was insufficient revisions–a lack of focus on digital, social, and mobile in today’s texts."

But there is one exception. Bovee and Thill extensively cover digital, social, and mobile communication throughout their texts.

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